Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cuts Like A Knife by M. K. Gilroy

From the Back of the Book:

Chicago has a new resident—a heartless killer on a long crime spree. Kristen Conner (think Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality) is a good cop and a good girl: she loves her mom, goes to church and coaches her niece’s soccer team. And her track record and instincts as a detective are impeccable . . . but this case and this killer expose a blind spot that ultimately endangers those closest to her. Can she catch this hauntingly familiar culprit before he strikes again? Cuts Like a Knife is loaded with action, humor and wry introspection.

My Thoughts:

Gilroy has crafted a masterpiece of criminal procedural fiction.  Rich with authentic detail and description that enhances the story, "Cuts Like A Knife" is as realistic as a true-crime book...only it's fiction.  I saw Detective Kristen Conner as more of a Jane Rizzoli kind of gal...but even that doesn't do her justice.

Gilroy's characters take on life within pages of appearance, and each have vibrant personalities and traits that sometimes play pivotal parts of the plot.  Kristen's strained yet not-strained relationship with her younger sister is critical to the telling of the story, and yet is also a natural part of sibling behavior.

I loved being kept in the dark until just the perfect moment and then 'WHAM'...the lights are flipped on and the wrong person is standing in the suspect room...but I just KNEW I was on the path of the killer!  Gilroy is great at painting with multiple brushes of guilt, leaving you discovering the truth in the final pages of the story.

Something else I truly enjoyed...the stop and go pace the detectives had to follow to solve the crimes committed.  The work is grueling, tedious, and can leave you feeling as if you're just spinning your wheels while going no where.

"Cuts Like A Knife" feels true because of the care taken to craft characters and a storyline that honors the reader.  Deep development and careful consideration of every detail makes this more than a work of fiction, but more of a work of literature.  You not only travel along with Detective Connor as she hunts down the criminals, but you become a part of two families; her real-life family and her work family.  All fictional, but all just as real as anyone you'd meet in, oh, say a bookstore!

I received an advance copy of "Cuts Like A Knife" from Jeanne Wynn at Wynn Wynn Media in exchange for an honest review.  "Cuts Like A Knife" is published by Worthy Publishing, and is most definitely worthy to be published and so worthy to be read.  One of today's best crime procedural thrillers out today.

I'm eager for the second book by M.K. Gilroy, which releases later this year (I believe).  Get a copy of "Cuts Like A Knife" now and get ready for book won't want to miss either novel.  Best Debut Fiction of 2012 and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Happy Reading!



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