Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Code of Justice by Liz Johnson

This is Liz Johnson's second novel, and I think her writing gets better with each book. I just hope she's got more stories to tell!

"Code of Justice" introduces us to FBI agent Heather Sloan. She's survived a horrific helicopter crash only to face the loss of her sister, due to the same crash. Her sister's final words echo inside her head: "Follow the drugs."

Sheriff's deputy Jeremy Latham has been tasked with watching over Heather while she recovers. Not an easy job when she's insisting on solving the case. Between the two of them, finding the person responsible should be simple.

Unless the person still wants Heather dead. Then it could get a little complicated.

Trust grows between Heather and well as an affection for the other. Soon the feelings they have for one another will be put to the test. And soon a killer will be revealed...rocking Heather's world once again.

Fast-paced action and witty dialogue keep this story moving along at a rapid pace. Liz creates stories that suck you in and hold you hostage until you know who did it and why it was done.

I'm giving "Code of Justice" four out of five bookmarks, and highly recommending it for a rainy-day read. Perfect to finish in one lazy afternoon...and my thanks to Liz for my copy!

Happy Reading!



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