Friday, January 7, 2011

Love, Charleston by Beth Hart Webb

Beth Hart Webb novels are some of the most engaging reading experiences you can have in Christian fiction. She's one of the premiere Southern Lit authors (in my book) and her latest novel doesn't disappoint. It's packed with surprises to delight you as you read. But be will tug your heartstrings...and play a beautiful melody if you'll allow it.

"Love, Charleston" is a story about many characters, kind of in the same vein as The Mitford Series. Anne Brumley is certain she heard from God one day about her longing for a family of her own. "Stay and wait" is what she heard, clear as day.

But waiting is difficult, and her sister and cousin have their doubts. Did Anne truly hear from God, or from her own longing heart?

Roy Summerall has been asked to become the new rector at Saint Michael's Church in Charleston...a place he swore he'd never return to for any reason. But, after the loss of his wife, is God calling him to return to his roots for a purpose?

Della, Anne's cousin, thought she had what she wanted. A free-spirit husband, a wonderful child, and no constraints to conform. But free and easy can cost, and it would seem Della's dreams have changed. What will she do to feel secure and able to achieve these new dreams?

Alicia lives the perfect life, one Della envies secretly. Until the birth of her third child. Then it all mysteriously seems to come apart, revealing cracks in the foundation of her marriage that had always existed, but never were seen before. Will Alicia ever return to her old self, or is a new self waiting on the horizon?

"Stay and wait" seems to be the theme of the book for every character, not just Anne. Filled with wit, wisdom, heart, some laughter, and a lot of heartache waiting for healing, "Love, Charleston" truly is brilliant Southern Lit!

That's why it's getting five out of five bookmarks from me, with a church bell as a charm. "Love, Charleston" is available from Thomas Nelson publishers, and my thanks to Marj Wentworth for my copy!

Happy Reading!



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