Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Harry Bentley's Second Sight by Dave Jackson

I love it when authors I've grown to admire do creative things, like collborating on a book, or compiling short stories together. Dave and Neta Jackson have topped the creativity charts with their companion series', and Dave's second book in the "Yada Yada Brothers" series is better than the first!

"Harry Bentley's Second Sight" gives us a deeper glimpse into the Fairbanks family's former doorman. In this novel, which parallels the events in "Who Do I Lean On?", Neta's third novel in her series, shares what really happened when Harry Bentley began losing his eyesight.

Harry's multi-layered. He's a retired Chicago police officer, a second-chance grandfather, and a former doorman at an exclusive highrise building in Chicago. But he's also in love with Estelle Williams, the cook and an instructor at Manna House. And he's growing in his new faith through his Bible studies with the Yada Yada men.

When his eyesight goes wonky and he believes he could be going blind, everything good in his life seems derailed...but is it? Or is God giving Harry exactly what he wants...more of Him?

Harry asks the same questions we all tend to ask when tragedy or trial strikes: Where are You, God? Are You going to do this for me? What else has to happen to me before You move? And is it all true, what people say about You?

Let me tell you, by the time you finish this novel, both you and Harry Bentley will have a vision of God that is absolutely true, joyous, and inspiring! Dave Jackson can write powerful stories of faith, tested, tried and genuine. His books are the perfect companions to his wife's powerful 'House of Hope' series.

That's why I'm giving "Harry Bentley's Second Sight" five out of five bookmarks, with a rakish black eye patch as a charm. I loved Harry in Neta's novels...and I adore him now that I know him through Dave's eyes.

I only hope this writing duo keeps producing inspiring and entertaining fiction...books you truly do not want to miss! My thanks to Dave Jackson for my copy, and you can find a copy for yourself at your favorite bookstore, online, or at Dave Jackson's website, Overcomer Books (now, doesn't THAT just make you want to pick one up?? Truth in advertising, I'm tellin' you!).

Happy Reading!



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