Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Beneath the Night Tree by Nicole Baart

I am so upset with Nicole Baart right now...and that is a GOOD THING! I just finished a trilogy of novels that have turned my heart upside down and I can feel the message of hope and faith resonating in my soul.

Plus, my eyes are puffy from tears! Man, can she write!!

"Beneath the Night Tree" wraps up the story of Julia DeSmit, a journey that has spanned three novels, each better than the last. In this final chapter, Julia's life is full to overflowing...

Her son, Daniel, is thriving and active and teaching her so much. Her younger brother, Simon, has become like another son to her, the complete opposite and complement to Daniel. And her relationship with her grandmother is stronger than ever.

She's headed toward marriage with the love of her life, Michael, who is studying to become a doctor. All looks well on the horizon--so why is her heart so troubled? Julia's receiving all she's ever wanted, right?

Then a cryptic email arrives from the man who shattered Julia's heart and took her innocence as well...asking something she didn't wish to answer: Do I have a child? Respond she must, and life takes a whirling spin in a new, foreign direction for Julia.

Watching Julia work out her thoughts, feelings and faith was a gorgeous thing. Nicole writes with a poetic flavor, but not pretentious. She paints vivid images with her words, and you just flow right along with the stream of the story, picking up new information on every page.

I fell in love with Julia in "After the Leaves Fall". I ached with her in "Summer Snow" as she struggled to regain her footing. And I grew with her in this novel as I saw God take her plans, re-arrange them, and make something so gorgeous it took my breath away.

I will forever be grateful to my friends at Tyndale and to Nicole for allowing me to take part in this literary journey. This is not a series to be missed, and you truly need to start at the beginning.

But don't let that stop you from picking up "Beneath the Night Tree". Savor every page like a rich cup of coffee, warm and cozy and inviting. Then share it with a friend...it's too wonderful to keep all to yourself! "Beneath the Night Tree" releases February 2011.

In the meantime, "Beneath the Night Tree" gets...you guessed it! The Golden Bookmark for Excellence in Writing...don't miss this story...and keep your eye on Nicole Baart. Got a feeling this is just the beginning!

Happy Reading!



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