Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Between A Rock and A Grace Place by Carol Kent

Carol Kent has been down a hard, difficult road. She's a woman of God who writes from her heart, and it shows in everything she writes. Hew new book is filled with encouragement from someone who's been there and is still standing firm in her faith in Christ.

"Between a Rock and a Grace Place" is Carol's testimony to the power of God's grace when life gets imaginably difficult. Her only son was tried and convicted and now spends his life behind bars, no hope of release. Carol and her husband Gene could be in their own prison of grief and despair.

Instead, they've allowed God to use them to spread His message of faith in the darkest of situations. Carol pens her story first in "When I Lay My Isaac Down", then continues to share in "A New Kind of Normal", both also excellent books.

In her new book, Carol shares from her heart the struggles and triumphs in this journey she's been traveling. Each chapter is sub-headed as a 'surprise'...as in 'Surprised by Faith', 'Surprised by Mercy', and 'Surprised by Favor'.

Each chapters shares a bit of Carol's story as well as stories from letters, emails and encounters she's had with others "Between a Rock and a Grace Place". This book came to me when I was in one of those places, and it brought light to a dark situation.

You might find it odd that I'm reviewing so many books for people who are hurting or struggling, but sometimes the most joyous of seasons can bring the most difficult and tender of times.

Carol is authentic and real: if she struggles, you know it. If she's rejoicing, you know it. Nothing is hidden, and that just lends richness to her writing. I can't recommend her enough. Any book by Carol Kent is a treasure, but these books...the books she writes about pain and overcoming are the best.

My thanks to my friends at Zondervan for sharing this precious book with me. I'm giving "Between a Rock and a Grace Place" the Golden Bookmark for Authentic and Compassionate Writing, and voting it "Best Christian Living Non-Fiction of 2010".

Let God bring you comfort, encouragement and healing through the words of author Carol Kent. You will find her companionship invaluable, and a kindred heart beating in every word.

Happy Reading!



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