Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Perfect Blend by Trish Perry

I've been a Trish Perry fan since the first pages of "The Guy I'm Not Dating" (which is still my all-time favorite Trish Perry novel, by the way!). She writes with humor and heart, and her stories are just feel-good soul smiles.

Her new series kicks off with "The Perfect Blend", a story about fresh starts and wisely guarding one's heart. Steph Vandergrift finds herself alone and bewildered when she leaves all behind for a runaway romance...only to find out the groom has run away!

Stuck in Middleburg, an absent fiance, and all bridges behind her burned to a crisp...ever been there? Her teary eyes set upon a quaint teashop and it's welcoming owner, Milly Jewell, and before she knows it Steph is dining on the finest fare and pouring out her bruised and battered heart.

It's said that serving others is a balm for our own hurts, and that's proven true as Steph sets out to help a short-handed Milly, earning herself a temporary position until she's back on her feet and sure of her direction.

But when a local inn-owner sweeps her off her already unsteady romantic legs, will she listen to her heart...or her God? The warm, cozy story is filled with delightful characters and Trish's witty humor...along with some yummy recipes!

I'm so trying the scone recipe included at the end of the book!

Steph's new roomies are complete opposites, but together they share common sense and a strong attitude. You can learn a lot from Christie and Liz about relationships and what to do...or not to do.

Of course, you'll find the usual romantic twists and turns, but instead of seeming stale and overused, Trish Perry paints the romantic misunderstandings with a fresh coat of believability.

I'll be eagerly waiting for future novels in this series, and I certainly can't wait for more of Milly and her delish recipes! Cozy up with your favorite cup of tea and snacks and enjoy a great novel...just in time for Fall!

My thanks to my friends at Harvest House for my copy of "The Perfect Blend"...a story that lives up to its name with the perfect blend of romance and faith. I'm giving this one four out of five bookmarks, with a tea cup as a charm.

Happy Reading!



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