Friday, July 23, 2010

Fatal Convictions by Randy Singer

Randy Singer is by far my favorite author when it comes to legal thrillers, easily making my 'Top Ten Must Read' list with every book he writes. He's a pro at both the law and writing, and it shows on every page.

He's unique. His style is consistent, yet never predictable. His stories are never 'ripped from the headlines' sensationalistic tales, yet current with events and topics that are tough and even volatile.

Randy's not one to shy away from the truth and he stays current in what he writes, saying what needs to be said and calling attention to issues we tend to want to either ignore or shy away from.

In his newest novel, "Fatal Convictions", Randy shines the light on honor killings. I've read a few news articles recently that indicate some countries are actually contemplating changing their laws to allow the practice of honor killing to be considered religious practice, and not murder.

Praise God for Randy Singer and how God leads him to write!

Alexander Madison is a part-time pastor of a small church, as well as a promising personal injury attorney. His practice is small, and when he discovers Ghaniyah on his hospital visits as a pastor, Alex digs a little deeper into her accident.

Ghaniyah's husband is a prominent Muslim leader in Alex's community, an imam working for change within the Muslim faith. After meeting with Khalid Mobassar and his wife, Alex chooses to take on the trucking company at fault for her accident, as well as the insurance companies.

Alex is good at what he does, and he's confident about the case.

Until the wife of another prominent Muslim leader is brutally murdered in an honor killing, brought on by her conversion from Islam to Christianity. When Alex's case suddenly turns into a media circus, he's faced with a difficult choice.

Does he believe Khalid is innocent of the crime he's charged with: conspiracy to commit murder--and can he tackle the one case everyone demands he stay away from? Or will his passion for justice and his belief in Khalid's innocence cause Alex to stay on until the verdict is in?

And what of his church? Can a conservative Christian church handle their pastor defending a Muslim Imam, charged with murdering a woman who became a believer in Jesus Christ? Could any of US stand by such a pastor?

Could Alex's convictions become fatal? Who's behind the honor killings? What will this do to America's legal system, and how will we react to the horror on our own homeland?

Packed with authentic courtroom drama, tension and a bit of romance, Randy has a sure-fire hit on his hands once again. I was gripped from page one and couldn't read fast enough to see what twists and turns came on each consecutive page.

Thank goodness he writes short chapters!

You can't help but question your own soul and your own beliefs as you read Randy's passionate would you react? What do you truly think about the topic at hand, and who do you ultimately side with?

My one complaint is that Randy just can't write fast enough for me. I'm already eager for his next novel, and this one is just barely finished! The characters are well developed, the plot is completely plausible, and the pacing of the story is perfect.

Randy Singer is critical acclaimed for his novels, winning numerous awards, every one of them completely deserved. He himself is a veteran trial attorney, and it shows in his detailed knowledge of the law, the legal process and the courtroom drama.

"Fatal Convictions" receives the Golden Bookmark for Excellence and Relevant Topic, as well as being "Best Legal Thriller of 2010". Watch for "Fatal Convictions" to release in August 2010 from Tyndale.

My thanks to Debbie Lykins for my advance copy! And to Randy Singer for keeping the excellence coming!

Happy Reading!



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