Monday, July 12, 2010

Deceit by Brandilyn Collins

When it comes to Brandilyn Collins, I figure she really doesn't need my help to promote her novels. Her talent is phenomenal, and her name is a household word. After all, she IS the "Queen of Seatbelt Suspense"!

BUT, how can I NOT tell you about her latest stand-alone novel, one that truly gives life to the truth of Scripture: the heart is deceitfully wicked; who can know it? While I'd love for her to begin a new series, my favorite of all she writes, her new one stands on it's own merit and is a blockbuster for sure.

"Deceit" is mind-blowing, to say the least. In nearly every novel, Brandilyn tackles a new and little heard of profession. With "Deceit", we meet a skip tracer...someone who hunts down people who skip out on their obligations in life--child support, bail, alimony...etc.

Joanne Weeks is good--no, she's great--at what she does. Only one case has eluded her, and it haunts her to this day. She knows that well-to-do Baxter Jackson murder his second wife. Linda Baxter, Joanne's best friend, married to a church elder and the kindest person Joanne has ever known.

Yet, because of his connections and a lack of evidence--namely, a body--Baxter walks the streets a free man. Joanne has been told time and again to leave the case alone. But you don't get to be one of the best skip tracers without determination to see the case through to its rightful ending.

One rainy night Joanne encounters a hooded man. Actually, she hits him with her car. Running to his aid, he speaks a cryptic sentence, then dashes into the rain-drenched night.

Fear creeps in, and creaks nearly send Joanne through the roof as she uses her skills to find the elusive Melissa. It doesn't help that Joanne lives alone....or that she has some deceit lurking of her own. Then again, don't we all??

Can Joanne put her skills to work locating Linda's foster daughter, Melissa? Does Melissa really hold the key to putting Baxter away for good? And who now wants Joanne off the case--permanently?

When Brandilyn writes a novel, nothing is left to chance. Each detail is carefully placed for a specific purpose. Her novels are powerful because they are multi-layered and flooded with the truth of the Gospel of Christ. I've yet to read one that doesn't linger in my memory for weeks after I've finished.

"Deceit" is her most powerful stand alone novel to date. To think about the human heart and what resides inside...just waiting to make its way out and to create havoc...without the controlling power of the Holy Spirit...

This one will make you even more grateful for God and His power in your life--if you'll let it reign free. Put "Deceit" on your summer reading list--you'll be glad you did!

My thanks to Jessica at Zondervan for my copy, and "Deceit" is now available everywhere (no pun intended!). I'm giving "Deceit" five out of five bookmarks, with a Blackberry as a charm. Keeping track of all those leads is critical when you're hunting down a killer!

Happy Reading!



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