Monday, June 28, 2010

Nightmare by Robin Parrish

Tell you believe in ghosts? Do things that go 'bump' in the night make your blood chill? Want to read a pretty captivating novel?

Then pick up a copy of Robin Parrish's newest book, "Nightmare"...if you dare!

Maia Peters is the daughter of renowned 'ghost hunters', and little gets her excited these days when it comes to scary. Until she visits the new attraction with two of her college friends.

They call it 'Ghost Town', and it's guaranteed to send chills through you. Especially the Haunted House...all of which leaves Maia unimpressed. Until she sees the face of her missing friend, Jordin Cole.

It seems Jordin has taken a real interest in the paranormal, and recruited Maia to show her the ropes of the hunt. But something went wrong...terribly wrong. And it's up to Maia to uncover what happened to Jordin...

Until she goes missing herself.

Or does she?

Whether you believe or don't believe, do NOT read this book without lots of lights on, and preferably wait until you're with someone! I got spooked several times as I read, but couldn't pry my hands off the book until I finished.

Robin fills the fictional tale with real life 'haunted' sights and gives such detail! I almost felt as if I was traveling along with Maia. Not that I'd want to go along...I'm too chicken!

From the photographs to the layout of the pages...this was a well-crafted book. Even the switch in the story from present to past was handled smoothly. Nothing got lost in the back and forth of the telling.

But I must admit...the ending wasn't what I'd hoped for, but I can see where Robin was going with it. Left me a tad disappointed...yet I don't know how he could have written a better conclusion.

I can definitely see controversy around this one, but hold those thoughts and read the story for yourself. I think you'll be surprised. And do NOT try this at home, boys and girls.

Learn from Maia and wise to the world of the supernatural.

I'm giving "Nightmare" four out of five bookmarks with a flashlight as a charm...again, not my favorite ending. Still, I can't wait to see what Mr. Parrish creates next!

"Nightmare" is available now from Bethany House (I couldn't wait, so I ran out and bought mine as soon as it hit the stores!).

Happy Reading!



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1 comment:

Kim said...

I'm about half-way through, and this is CREEPY!!! I was going to read it before going to bed, and I had to put it down. I was getting spooked!! This is a very well-written tale!