Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Back On Murder by J. Mark Bertrand

Looking for some excellent summer reading? You can't go wrong with the first in a promising new series by author J. Mark Bertrand...this one will keep you guessing until the final page turns!

Houston Homicide Detective Roland March has lost his edge. Something happened that has robbed him of his energy, his passion, his drive to solve the case and lock up the perpetrators.

He's a detective on his way out, and finding that doesn't set well with him. But, what to do? A major homicide investigation with multiple victims turns up an unexpected piece of evidence that may turn March's career around.

If he's right.

Looks like Detective Roland March is "Back On Murder"!

The entire department is turned upside down looking for an evangelist's missing teenage daughter. What if March is right and the two cases are connected? Can he find the thread that ties them together, or is he off in left field with his theories?

And can he solve the case before someone takes him off...permanently?

This is a slow but evenly paced criminal drama that has an element of thriller built in. Mr. Bertrand maps out some fascinating places we go with Detective March, and his foreshadowing is gifted. You know something lurks beneath the surface, but can't quite figure it out...

...requiring you to continue to turn pages until the book is done.

The story is gritty, realistic and engaging. Normally I enjoy a book with a faster pace, but I found myself sinking into the story and rooting for March to stay on the case, even when it seemed his leads had dried up.

Mr. Bertrand creates some fascinating characters--some you love to hate! By the end of the story you feel as if you've spent time in the unmarked car, on stakeout, and in autopsy, all without leaving your home.

I'm eager to see what comes next in the "Roland March Mystery" series...and I'm giving this one an enthusiastic four out of five bookmarks, with a set of handcuffs as a charm.

Again, I was too eager to wait, so I ran out and bought my copy, available at retailers everywhere, published by Bethany House. Don't miss this 'hard-boiled cop novel' and enjoy those hot, summer nights by hitting the beat with Roland March, one of Houston's finest detectives!

Happy Reading!



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