Saturday, May 29, 2010

What Happened to My Life? by Danna Demetre

Maybe you're like me...and a lot of women. You have a plan for your life, then you start living it...then you reach 'that age', and you wonder...

"What Happened to My Life?", the question Danna Demetre asks in her new book. Ever feel too busy, too stressed, or too disappointed with where you are in life? Maybe it's time to make some changes.

Danna suggests we slow down and make good choices, reinterpret life and have more realistic expectations, choose the very best from all the good, and pursue God in a life-changing way.

Her 40-day plan takes you through a lot of Scripture and a lot of ways of thinking that tend to sabotage our joy. But the book is far more than a devotional. The first two parts deal with a self analysis, asking what could be wrong with us.

Part Two looks at the lives of several women, seeing the issues they face and learning a new path to contentment. Sometimes taking a look at someone else's life helps us have a new appreciation for our situation.

The final part takes us on the forty-day journey to search out our lives and to find the contentment and joy we all desire, but seem to lack. I realize that as believers we're supposed to be joyful always, but we have to be honest and admit it can be hard.

I enjoyed Danna's book, especially since she's been there, done that. I give "What Happened to My Life?" five out of five bookmarks with a happy face as a charm. I'm hoping when I'm done with this book my happy face will be back in its place!

Thanks to Donna Hausler for my copy! Danna's book is available now from Revell.

Happy Reading!



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