Friday, May 7, 2010

Radical by David Platt

God just LOVES messing with my life! This is the fifth book that I've read that has turned my world upside down and totally convicted me on multiple levels. I'd say I'm getting tired of it...but that would be a lie! What is life if we aren't challenged and stretched beyond ourselves, right?

David Platt poses the question: Is Jesus worth it? Then goes on to write a stellar book illustrating how the church in America lives, cautioning us to think before we answer, lest we lie to ourselves and everyone else.

"Radical" is a challenge...a live the Christian life according to Jesus' actual, Biblical teachings. And, before you shout out, "I am" the book. I think you'll be surprised at how far we've strayed.

For instance, within the first chapter, I was in tears and my heart ached for our churches in our country. "Puddles of Tears" will knock the scales from your eyes and make you think long and hard about what we call faith. If it doesn't, then it's time for a spiritual check-up!

David goes on to write eight of the hardest hitting yet most compassionate chapters that will challenge you in every area. Where you spend your time, your money, where your heart is, how comfortable you are in your walk with God...he leaves no stone unturned.

What makes the book even more powerful are the real life stories he shares from people who have decided to live radical lives for Jesus. People who've decided "Yes, He IS worth it!" and given their all in service to the King.

And these are people just like you and me...nothing super-special about them. Instead, it's all about Him...which is as it should be. David makes the point that, if we're not careful, we'll remake Jesus in our own image, and end up worshipping ourselves on Sundays....scary thought!

David ends the book with a challenge...or a dare. It has five key elements, some more challenging than others. I'm of the impression that his entire congregation has taken this dare. I wonder what would happen if our entire congregations took the dare...

I'm seriously thinking about it for myself and for my family. I'm considering having our family do the companion study, listed in the resources in the back of the book. I've visited the website: found amazing things.

Don't read this book if you're completely, one-hundred percent satisfied at how you are living for Jesus. Because, I promise you, this book will totally, one hundred percent mess that up for you! I'm surprised the book doesn't come with a warning's that dangerous to the status quo.

But I also promise you, if you dare to read "Radical", if you dare to LIVE "Radical" will have no regrets...and you'll be much more satisfied in this life than you ever could be otherwise.

I have a restless yearning in my soul...thanks to David Platt and the message God has given him in this book. Pray for me as I seek to live out what I've read. Pray that I don't go back to business as usual in my faith journey. Because I don't want to....even if it does seem easier.

I'm giving "Radical" the Golden Bookmark, my highest honor, for Powerful and Engaging Writing. I'm also voting this "Best Christian Living Non-fiction for 2010, with a highlighter as a charm. Believe me, you'll want to make notes as you read!

I'm even thinking of voting it "Second Most Dangerous Book You'll Ever Read" to the Bible, of course. But I'm just thinking about it....

My thanks to my friends at Waterbrook/Multnomah for messing up my life by sending me this amazing book! "Radical" and its companion book "The Radical Question" are available now. So, what are you waiting for?

Happy Reading!



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