Sunday, April 11, 2010

Too Close To Home by Lynette Eason

I have one MAJOR complaint about Lynette Eason's debut suspense novel...


May I say...WOW, can that woman write! Lynette has earned a coveted spot on my 'must read' author list, and I cannot wait for more in her new Women of Justice series!

"Too Close To Home" lives up to its title. Teen girls are vanishing, with some turning up dead long after they went missing. Homicide detective Conner Wolfe is taking this case very seriously...and personally. His own daughter falls in the age range of the missing girls.

And with their strained relationship...could she ignore his orders to stay safe and put herself in harm's way?

Special Agent Samantha Cash is determined to help the local authorities find this predator using her specialty...cyber-crime. There isn't a computer Samantha can't crack and a trace she can't find...

...right? Or has Special Agent Cash finally met her match?

With adequate backstory on each character, within pages they are fleshed out and walking out of the book into your memory. But be warned...Lynette shows no mercy in her writing, and she takes no prisoners....

...except YOU of course! She'll hold you hostage from the first page until the back cover closes...and even then you'll be drooling for the second novel to release this Fall from Revell.

My many thanks to Donna Hausler at Revell for introducing me to a stellar new author to love. I do have one issue...I was able to spot the culprit far too early in the novel for my taste.

But, then again, as tightly as Lynette writes, I can see her revealing the criminal just so we can observe the cat and mouse interplay between said unsub and the authorities...hmmmmm....more devious than I first suspected, this author is!

Be will NOT be able to put this one down, so prepare for a marathon reading session! And by all means...keep the lights on, and your computers in the living room!!

"Too Close To Home" is available through Revell this April! Don't miss it!

Happy Reading!



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Kim said...

Looking forward to this one more than ever now!!

Lynette Eason said...

Wow, Deena, thanks for the great review! Makes me want to go back and read it. Whew! And girl, you can write! Have you thought about writing a novel?

God Bless,