Monday, April 19, 2010

So Over My Head by Jenny B. Jones

Only an author as gifted as Jenny B. Jones could write a tale like this one and make it plausible and packed with humor and wit! I'm truly going to miss Bella...I could read about her forever.

Bella Kirkwood gets "So Over My Head" when the circus comes to town. The Fritz Family Carnival has made its annual trek to Truman, and Bella is on the story. This time around, she's got something to prove to just about anyone.

To her dad, Bella's trying to prove she's worth having around. The nuptuals to her soon-to-be stepmother and wicked step-sister are pending, putting Bella into a panic. Something smells fishy, and it ain't the caviar!

To her mom, Bella wants to prove she is capable of caring for herself. Of course, getting hired by the carnival as a clown isn't the best way to prove it, but what's a girl to do when she's offered oversized shoes and a bulbous red nose?

To her ex-boyfriend...or rather, ex-boyfriendS, Bella is trying to prove she's worth loving...and she's trying to prove it to herself at the same time. Luke, her editor, can't seem to get through her hard head, and Harrison can't seem to get his head on straight.

To Luke's former gal pal and Bella's new nemesis, Bella's trying to prove her wrong at every turn. Ever notice how things like that seem to always backfire on you? Poor, poor Bella!

Jenny B. Jones has proven time and again that she is a talented author, grabbing you at page one and filling you with laughter and lessons along the reading way. She's become a favorite in our home (I have to wrestle the books away from my 20-year-old daughter, and put up with the whining for a new story).

If you haven't fallen in love with Jenny yet, you simply have no idea what great writing you're missing. The only bad thing about a Jenny B. Jones novel is that they end way too fast, and it seems to be forever before a new one arrives!

I'm giving "So Over My Head" five out of five bookmarks, with a rainbow-colored wig as a charm. Did I ever mention I was once a clown....but that's another story!

My thanks to Heather at Thomas Nelson for my copy...and now it's time to surrender it to the second greatest Jenny B. Jones fan.....

Happy Reading!



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