Friday, April 9, 2010

The Clouds Roll Away by Sibella Giorello

No author in the genre of suspense can hold a candle to the talent of Sibella Giorello, and no other character is as memorable as Raleigh Harmon of the FBI. In this third installment of Raleigh Harmon novels, Sibella's Southern investigative style shines, creating another gripping story that will keep you up all hours of the night.

"The Clouds Roll Away" finds Special Agent Raleigh Harmon back in her hometown of Richmond, Virginia. Whomever said you can't go home again has Raleigh convinced. Weird occurrences within the family home and in her line of work have her questioning the sanity of her return.

This time she's on the case, hunting for the new KKK. Rapland, home to music genius RPM has been attacked by an unseen enemy. A cross is burned into the lawn, signalling something sinister.

Raleigh isn't one to take clues at face value. Her investigative gut says more is going on that racist hate crimes. But what could it be? And who are the real victims?

After her less than voluntary transfer and return, Raleigh is being kept on a short investigative leash. But the deeper her investigation goes, the tighter the reins seem to pull...will they ultimately snap and leave her outside the Bureau once and for all?

Not to mention the weirdness going on at home. Mother isn't herself, their boarder is holed up in his room most of the time these days, and now Raleigh's old beau is back, stirring up heart trouble of the unwanted kind.

Sibella Giorello has created a heroine that is captivating and intriguing. Raleigh has that underdog feel to her, like nothing goes her way. But her faith is still strong and she doesn't shy away from a challenge, even when it seems no one has her back.

The most popular criminal suspense writers of today: Lisa Scottoline, Janet Evanovich, Tess Garritson, James Patterson---all could take a few lessons from Sibella Giorello on how to pen a gripping story with all the realism required, and yet have a message of hope and faith that is genuine and flowing.

If you've missed out on one of Sibella's novels, go back to where Raleigh first started in "The Rocks Cry Out", then pick up a copy of "The Rivers Run Dry". I can't wait for "The Mountains Bow Down" to release this Fall from Thomas Nelson. My thanks to them for my copy of "The Clouds Roll Away".

I'm giving this one five out of five bookmarks, with a cell phone as a caller identification just in case you have to go under cover with Raleigh!

Happy Reading!



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