Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Lord Is My Shepherd by Debbie Viguie

This has been a very good reading week for a mystery lover such as myself! I discovered Debbie's writing in her "Sweet Seasons" series for another publisher and loved her story-telling ability. But I had my doubts about a mystery series....

....no longer a doubter, as the Monkees would say, "I'm a Believer!" Debbie has crafted a novel of intrigue and interest that will hold you hostage until the final page is turned!

Kicking off 'The Psalm 23 Mysteries' is "The Lord Is My Shepherd". Cindy Preston is a reluctant church secretary at First Shepherd Presbyterian Church. Reluctant? After all, nothing exciting ever happens when you're the church secretary.

Until you trip over a dead body in your sanctuary.

Cindy's screams alert the next door Rabbi, Jeremiah Silverman, from the synagogue next door. As he assists her in notifying the police about the body, Rabbi Jeremiah will continue to assist her as the serial murderer continues to terrorize the church, the town, and someone in particular.

Is it Cindy? Is she the intended audience for this horrific spree? Or could it be a parishner from the church? And why Holy Week? You won't believe how this story unfolds...and be warned...while not graphic, it can give you shivers.

I'm excited about this new series, and thrilled that Debbie can not only write excellent teen fiction, but she's a stellar mystery author as well. My one quibble is, again, the opening chapters. Dialogue seems a bit rushed and stilted, but things smooth out quickly once the action kicks into gear.

So, I'm giving "The Lord Is My Shepherd" four out of five bookmarks with a crossword puzzle as a charm. My thanks to my friends at Abingdon Press for my complimentary copy!

Happy Reading!



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