Thursday, February 4, 2010

Countertop Inspirations by Barbour Publishing

Barbour Publishing has done it again! Four wonderful resources for recipes, perfect for gift-giving and ideal for the kitchen...

In "Simple Slow Cooker Meals", you'll find delicious recipes like Pulled Pork Burritos and Soda Pop Chicken, as well as desserts like Pineapple Dessert and Peach Cobbler. Also included are recipes for beverages, side dishes, and handy tips for using your slow cooker!

In "Quick And Easy Meals for Busy Moms", the recipes are simple and use every day ingredients. Some of my favorites are Breakfast Pizza and Cheese and Chicken Enchiladas. You'll find recipes for lunches, breakfast, and more. Also included are suggestions for encouraging family mealtimes.

"Just Desserts" is for more than just cookies. Find recipes for cobblers, cakes, and all kinds of treats. I'm looking forward to trying the oh, so simple Toffee recipe, as well as the Rocky Road Candy recipe. Tips for making candy and for trouble-shooting in the kitchen round out this handy cookbook!

Finally, "Almost Homemade" is a short-cut recipe cookbook. Cookies In a Jiffy uses a cake mix as a time-saver, while Barbecue Beef Cups uses refrigerator biscuits to cut minutes off your time in the kitchen. Other time-saver tips are included in this one.

For me, the best feature is the simplicity of the recipes. I also love the fact that each recipe uses real, everyday specialty shopping to make these dishes! Plus, each book is spiral bound and stands on your counter, practical and beautiful.

Each makes a perfect gift for a new bride, a son or daughter heading out on his or her own, or a treat for YOU! Value priced, it would be easy to pick up a copy of each one.

I'm giving "Countertop Inspirations" five out of five bookmarks, and a set of measuring spoons as a charm. Thanks to Angie at Barbour for my set...can't wait to get cooking!




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