Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Whirlwind by Robert Liparulo

**heavy sigh**

Just when you thought it was safe to pick up a novel by Robert Liparulo...wait a minute--what was I THINKING! A novel by Robert is NEVER safe...but ALWAYS good!

"Whirlwind" continues the saga of the King family. The house keeps getting creepier, and the cliff-hangers keep getting steeper. The suspense builds to a crescendo as we near the end of the Dreamhouse Kings series.

This time Jesse gives David specific instructions: You can't simply do nothing. You must fix things.

It's up to David to figure out what he's supposed to fix, and then to find the courage to take action. The King brothers can't just keep visiting the worlds behind the doors: now they must get involved and try to correct what's been messed up.

Which sounds MUCH easier than it is! The title of this one fits perfectly, because you definitely feel as if you've been caught up in a whirlwind of action. Taksidian still wants their house, and he'll stop at nothing to get it. Mom is still missing, and trying to find her takes them through the doors more quickly...and time is running out.

Why does Taksidian want the house? What ties do the Kings share with Jesse? And can David and Xander right the wrongs committed...and what will it ultimately cost them?

Personally, I'm almost relieved we've only got one more book coming...I don't know if my heart can take any more! It's no surprise to me that The Dreamhouse Kings series has been picked up by Scholastic....Woo-hoo!

My 15 year old son has an entire school hooked on these books (well, maybe not the whole school, but a big group of his friends!). Each book builds on the other, both in story and in quality of suspense.

I'm thrilled with "Whirlwind", and I think you will be as well. The novels are so intricately woven together it's difficult to offer a review without revealing pieces of the puzzle....hopefully, I haven't offered up any spoilers.

Start with "House of Dark Shadows" and work your way slowly and carefully to "Whirlwind". And don't delay..."Frenzy" is on its way to shelves this year! I'm giving "Whirlwind" five out of five bookmarks, with a deadbolt as a charm...too bad it won't help you........

bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Oops, sorry....

Thanks to my friends at Thomas Nelson for my copy of Whirlwind.

Happy Reading!



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Katy said...

I know they say you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, but this cover is amazing! I love it!

I haven't read any of Robert's books yet, but I keep hearing that he's awesome. Perhaps I should pick up one of his books and count it towards the Awesome Author Challenge...

Kristi said...

I agree that this is a great series! I need to pick up a copy of Whirlwind soon!