Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jenna's Cowboy by Sharon Gillenwater

Christian romantic fiction sometimes gets a bad rap. It's not all hearts and flowers...just ask Jenna Callahan Colby. She'll tell you that love hurts and can cost you just about everything...but it's worth it when you find the one meant to be with you.

Question is, has Jenna found the one for her? When Nate Langley returns home as a war hero, set on helping save his family's farm, Jenna discovers old feelings that have never died out. But she loved once, and it got her a broken heart, broken home, and broken dreams.

As we soon discover, Nate has returned home a broken warrior. His experiences on the battle field have created a nightmare scenario for him that dogs his every step. Can he give in to his feelings for Jenna, or will his fear of hurting her get in the way of his love for her?

Dealing with the topic of Post Tramatic Stress Disorder, "Jenna's Cowboy" is a novel to remember. Sharon writes with heart and passion for our returning soldiers. She points out that even those who don't fight on the field of battle, but are there to counsel or heal our soldiers (chaplains, medics, etc.) also can suffer from PTSD.

This is far more than a Christian romance novel. This is a story that can bring hope, help and healing to so many readers. It's a must read for any wife, daughter, girlfriend or mother of a soldier returning home from war. And for those who've fought to defend our country, you'll know you're not alone.

And thank you for serving, laying down your life, and may God richly bless you. Don't miss "Jenna's Cowboy", available now from Revell. Thanks to Donna Hausler for my copy.

I'm giving "Jenna's Cowboy" the Golden Bookmark for Writing Excellence and Powerful Story-Telling, with a race car as a charm. Can't wait to see what Sharon comes up with next!

Happy Reading!



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