Monday, January 11, 2010

Godology by Christian George

I love a good book that blows my mind, don't you? One that takes what I know and stretches it beyond the boundaries of my learning, and expands my capacity to understand a subject.

Especially when the subject is God. Oh, how I love Him! And I know Him a bit better thanks to a wonderful book by Christian George titled "Godology". A bit irreverant at times, but all about The Almighty, "Godology" is going on my shelf of distinction.

Christian examines eleven aspects of God, from His unity (the trinity) to His majesty to His mystery. Each chapter is devoted to opening up our understanding of God. And to sparking a revival in our hearts, stirring them to burn with passion for the One who is passionate about us.

He talks of how God is a jealous God, a chapter Oprah would find highly offensive. However, when you truly understand God's jealousy for you, a sense of priceless-ness will develop. He adores you, you know!

Christian is very laid-back in his tone, a trait I found quite enjoyable and engaging. He never mocks or maligns God's name with his wit, but he does take the occasional shot at the well-intentioned believer.

Some sacred cows get tipped in this book, but I think they were well overdue for tipping. Scripture backs up each point, and some passages you've likely read over and over will take on a fresh perspective and breathe new life. Your heart will stir like it did when you were first saved.

Be warned: this is life-changing book! Revival might break out in your heart if you finish it. You may know Jesus and God are One, but you'll come away with a fresh appreciation of the fact after you turn the final page.

I delighted in this book. I was refreshed, challenged, stretched and moved by this book. Scripture came back to life as I read and examined this book. So, I'm giving "Godology" the Golden Bookmark for Writing Excellence and adding a highlighter as a charm.

The church knows much about Jesus, but I fear we have forgotten who God is and what He is capable of. Let "Godology" refresh your memory. You'll be glad you did! My thanks to my friends at Moody Press for my copy.

Happy Reading!



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