Monday, December 21, 2009

Through the Fire by Shawn Grady

I've always believed that, when you have a gift, you should use it and share it with others. Shawn Grady definitely has a gift for writing suspenseful fiction, and he has shared it well in a stellar debut novel that has a deep, rich authentic voice.

"Through the Fire" is a unique story, told in first person from third-generation firefighter Aiden O'Neill. He too has a unique gift: he can read the flames. Unfortunately, his gift has made him over-confident, leading to a crisis with a rookie firefighter.

This leads to Aiden's administrative leave, and he ultimately crashes and burns...both literally and figuratively. The loss of a loved one in a tragedy that didn't have to happen has haunted him for too long, and how it has permeated everything...

...his job...his personal life...his very core of who he is.

Which is bad news when he gets called back to help fight arson fires and to help track a serial arsonist. A very vicious, murderous arsonist. Throw in a messed up relationship with God and a very attractive arson investigator and you've got a great plot for a dynamic novel!

Aiden wasn't easy for me to like at first; in fact, he kind of creeped me out a little! But then I realized Shawn had a powerful message and lesson for us: when you're passionate about something, it gets in your blood and becomes a part of who you are.

And Aiden became someone I could relate to. A friend, a brother, a son...he became real to me. And I started to love him.

Passion in your blood....That's what makes men like Billy Graham so fervent and dynamic as ministers, and others (who shall not be named!) so dangerous and luring with their particular passions. Aiden's passion? A dual one of firefighting and justice.

When, or if, God gets ahold of Will Aiden go from smoke and mirrors living to authentic richness with God? Can his love life ever get untangled from false dreams and the past? And who can Aiden really trust...just God? Or others God sends his way?

I've probably already shared too much...but this novel is rich. One of the richest I've had the privilege of reading this year. Shawn makes a huge impact with his unique and fresh storyline, appealing to readers of both genders and all ages.

If you're looking for the perfect book to get the men in your life, may I highly recommend this one? The detail is so meticulous and speaks volumes about Shawn's personal experience as a firefighter! I can't wait to see what he creates next.

Shawn Grady is an author on my 'must read list', and I'm hoping to share his novel with my husband. I'm giving "Through the Fire" five out of five bookmarks, and voting it "Best Debut Novel of 2009".

Thanks to my friends at Bethany House for introducing me to this brave and exciting new author!

Happy Reading!



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Katy said...

Hubby is a firefighter, and I think he might enjoy this book. Great review! I'll keep my eye out for this one.