Friday, December 11, 2009

101 Simple Ways to Give This Christmas Away by Matthew West

This little charmer of a book is not only good for my opinion, it's a great book to have handy year-round!

Inspired by the song for the new VeggieTales Christmas DVD, Matthew West penned this book to help us all find ways to share a bit of Christmas with others. In our commercialized society, Christmas can easily become what is in this for me rather that what can I do for someone else.

With "101 Simple Ways to Give This Christmas Away", you're bound to find a bunch of ideas on how to bless someone this Christmas. Ideas such as avoiding criticism (for some, that is a HUGE gift!), or buying what someone wants instead of what you want them to have.

Matthew calls this the 'baseball bat for Grandma' syndrome! I think sometimes my kids have had that, don't you? When your son drools over the waffle iron YOU just've gotta wonder!

Other ideas include leaving and extra healthy tip for your waiter or waitress, and praying for soldiers on active duty this time of year. In reality, this is a great book to have around all year long.

Let's not limit our giving of our time and ourselves just to Christmas. Make a New Year's resolution that 2010 will be the year of the giving believer! We all could use with some selflessness, and if we are all giving...something is bound to come back to us!

I'm giving Matthew's book five out of five bookmarks, with a helping hand as a charm. I'm glad he wrote the song, the book and that he shares his gift of music with us all.

Happy Reading!



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