Thursday, October 29, 2009

Welcome Home! by Kimerley Woodhouse

Okay...another confession. I'm addicted to Extreme Makeover:Home Edition. I don't let myself cry very often...but when I need a good cry, I DVR an episode and let the water flow!

When I found out Kimberley Woodhouse had written a book about her family and their journey to their extreme makeover, I was eager to read it. I'll also admit to having 'home envy' at times, and their home was a treat to behold.

But Kimberley's journey is a difficult one, and one that she would readily admit cannot be made without a deep faith in God. His one lesson for her throughout her more than fourteen year journey: choose JOY.

Kimberley chronicles the life of her family. From her early married years and their struggle to conceive, to the birth of their two children, Josh and Kayla. Both are unique individuals with a deep joy, instilled by their parents and sustained by God.

Through moving, health nightmares and struggles to keep afloat in today's economy, the Woodhouse family can relate to just about anything you are going through, and then some. Yet Kimberley is open and honest about her struggle to learn God's lesson about joy.

I was actually praying for something encouraging to read, as I'm in my own battle for joy right now. God lead me to pick up Kimberley's book. No matter what you're struggling with, let Kimberley and her 'normal', everyday family encourage your heart.

And count it all as joy. Peter, James and Kimberley are encouraging you. I'm giving this encouraging and hope-filled book five out of five bookmarks, with a set of house keys as a charm.

Happy Reading!



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