Saturday, October 17, 2009

Messages to Myself by Helen b. McIntosh

This was a short read. I picked it up and finished it within three hours. Of course, that kind of violates the principles of the book, but I was reading for reviewing...I don't recommend reading it that quickly! My thanks to the people at Beacon Hill Press for my copy!

Helen B. McIntosh knows her stuff. She is a woman who's walked the road of self-condemnation and false shame, which gives her authenticity. She delves into the psychological aspect of why we have wounds that won't heal, and why we respond in certain ways to certain people.

This is an issue I wrestle with often. Seems I think I've put it to bed and it rears up again in my life. I've been told it's because I'm complicated...and I think that was a compliment!

The chapters are short and to the point. The exercises included at the end of every chapter were precise and easily applied. I think the only thing that didn't appeal to me was the tone of the writing.

Because the book was written from a psychological point of view, the writing seems a bit more clinical than conversational. Sometimes it read as stilted, but I can't accuse the author of not being genuine.

She bares too much of her soul for that. She's a kind woman who seeks to help those who've been label and accused and shamed in ways that harm rather than heal. I commend her for reaching out via the book.

I'll give "Messages to Myself" three out of five bookmarks, with a mirror as a charm. Be certain that the mirror you examine yourself in is the mirror of Scripture, and not some broken hand-me-down from someone else.

Happy Reading!



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