Thursday, September 10, 2009

Voices of the Faithful, Book Two by Kim P. Davis and Beth Moore

I have to admit--a big part of the appeal for me is the gorgeous design. The book just begs to be read and treasured! But what is inside is more precious than gold...and I'm so grateful we have a second volume of valuable stories.

"Voices of the Faithful, Book Two" is more stories from around the world--stories of believers serving and at times sacrificing for their God. In America, we can easily forget about our brothers and sisters in other countries.

It's book like this one that help us remember to pray, and to not take our freedoms and faith for granted. Over 300 missionaries contributed to this volume, and each one will move you to a richer, deeper faith.

And an appreciation for those who are called to go and serve away from home. Or to serve where home is a dangerous place. Each devotional is a daily reading, brief but so rich!

I highly recommend both volumes to you. I'm giving "Voices of the Faithful, Book Two" the Golden Bookmark for Inspirational Writing and a huge thank you for sharing their stories with all of us.

May we be inspired to reach out more to a lost and dying world in desperate need of a Hope and a Savior.

Happy Reading!



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kalea_kane said...

Sounds wonderful Deana! Thank you so much for sharing!