Sunday, September 27, 2009

Secondhand Jesus by Glenn Packiam: An Interview

Once again, I've been waiting to read this book. Once again, thanks to my pastor/husband, I couldn't...and here's why:

Me: So, you stole another book from me?

Dave: No, you GAVE me another book. But I wanted it before you gave it to me.

Me: Are you ever going to stop swiping my books?

Dave: Never.

Me: So, was it a good read?

Dave: It was an excellent read. I blogged about it...twice actually.

Me: What's the book about, without giving anything away to ME or my readers?

Dave: It's about connecting with Christ yourself, not relying on what we hear about Him from others, and drawing closer to Christ when we have a "what the heck" moment.

Me: What one thing reached out and grabbed you most?

Dave: The fact that he speaks from experience. He's been through trials and tragedies.

Me: On a scale of one to five, how would you rate this one?

Dave: Oh...which is the best?

Me: Five.

Dave: Oh, then five.

Me: Do you have any more of MY books? Are you reading them or hiding them from me?

Dave: Yes, and both.

Me: I love you. But quit stealing my books, please?

Dave: Do I have to?

To read Pastor Dave's OWN thoughts on "Secondhand Jesus", click here and here.

Happy Reading!



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Kim said...

Deena - You and your husband should do more joint reviews! THAT would liven things up quite a bit! (not that I don't think it's not lively, but in another post you asked) LOVE it when you guys do this!