Monday, September 28, 2009

The Potluck Club Cookbook by Eva Marie Everson and Linda Evans Shepherd

I was pleasantly surprised while being a tad bit disappointed by this one. Hold on, now...let me finish! Linda and Eva have always shared some delicious recipes with us in delightful ways amidst the chaos and fun of the beloved Potluck Club.

When I heard a cookbook was coming, I was elated! All of those recipes in one volume...yay! So, I donated my novels to a women's shelter, eager for the cookbook I've longed for since reading the very first novel.

Alas, those aren't the recipes included in the new "Potluck Club Cookbook"...these are actual recipes from Eva and Linda themselves! Still delicious, still with fun anecodotes along with the recipes, and still easy to fix.

Each author takes a turn introducing each section of the cookbook, as well as adding sidebar goodies. They both like to keep things simple in the kitchen, which automatically makes this one of my favorite cookbooks.

I'm in love with the Crock-Pot recipes, and the desserts sound like fun for our actual church potlucks. Salads, stews, veggies and light recipes'll be very pleased with the variety and number of recipes.

Some sound so delicious I wanted to run out and buy the ingredients right away, such as Crock-Pot of Spanish Rice and Chocolate Eclair Dessert. All sound yummy...I was just sad when I realized all the recipes I DIDN'T have...

...but no worries! This book will keep me busy for a good, long while. And I'm hoping the powers-that-be put together a second volume of the Potluck Club Novel recipes...otherwise, I've got some hunting to do!

I'm giving "The Potluck Club Cookbook" four out of five bookmarks with a whisk as a charm...and a you can taste away!

Happy Reading!



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