Monday, September 21, 2009

If God Is Good by Randy Alcorn

A young mother, healthy and in the prime of her life gets a sudden diagnosis of invasive breast cancer...

A family is torn apart by their son's disobedience, even after doing all they could to help him down the right road...

A husband divorces his wife of 30 years, simply because he doesn't 'feel' anything anymore...

Planes fly into buildings, babies are born with severe birth defects, children are starving in Third World countries, and AIDS wipes out entire villages...

It all begs the question, "If God Is Good"....and such is the topic of the new title by author Randy Alcorn.

I've yet to read anything written by Randy Alcorn that I could NOT give a whole-hearted recommendation to...and the trend continues with his latest release. The back cover caption captures the essence of the book beautifully...

..."What if suffering is God's invitation to trust Him? And to hope for a better world?"

One criticism I've heard and read (even before the book released) was that the most well-known atheists (Dawkins, Hitchins, and Ehrman) were misquoted and incorrectly referenced.

I went back to the original books and checked as many of the quotes as I could...and found them to be accurate. I plan on continuing to double-check and fact check as much as possible, because this is a question far too critical to take too lightly.

Randy Alcorn's writing is sound, Biblical, and well-reasoned. More than that, it's highly readable and applicable, and filled with compassion. Just because evil exists, pain occurs, and tragedy happens---I find no reason to discount God's existence or involvement in our lives.

If anything, I find more comfort in His presence. I only hope you do as well. All of the reasoning in the world can't convince someone who won't believe. But this book is a remarkably well written book for those who are truly searching.

Check his facts for yourself. Look up the quotes. And I think you'll find, whether you agree with his premise or conclusions, the book is very well written and just may become the authority for responding to this question.

I'm giving "If God Is Good" five out of five bookmarks with a rose as a charm...note that the rose has they detract from its beauty??

Happy Reading!



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Shawntele said...

Thorns only add to the beauty of a rose. :)

Anonymous said...

I think you might have left out a word from this sentence:

"I've yet to read anything written by Randy Alcorn that I could give a whole-hearted recommendation to...and the trend continues with his latest release."

Good review!

Edward said...

Ah, I see lovedandamazed beat me to the chase. I read your blog post earlier today and was sure you had missed a "NOT" out and was just now coming to mention it. :-) I agree with the sentiment! It's such a pleasure to know that when an author releases a new book you won't have to worry about iffy content. Also, your readers can obtain a copy at a low introductory price of $16.49 here: If God Is Good - Alcorn.