Sunday, September 20, 2009

Guest Review: To Love Anew by Bonnie Leon

Forced from her home, Hannah Talbot takes the only job that she can find, in the home of a magistrate. Although mistreated she at least has a home, until her employer strips her of her dignity. Forced onto the streets, then unjustly sentenced, she soon finds herself on a ship bound for Australia.

Although John Bradshaw is a successful businessman, he longs for adventure. After a nasty betrayal by the ones he loves, he too finds himself on the prison ship bound for Australia, about to get an adventure that will change his life.

This story is a lovely tale about forgiveness and love. It draws the reader in, and shows how God can take care of those He loves, even in the midst of trouble.

I really liked this book because it helps you to actually feel as if you can see the scenes, and feel the emotions that the characters are going through. The writer, Bonnie Leon knows how to make this book suspenseful and very entertaining. I really enjoyed this book and the one following, and would recommend them to anyone who likes Christian romances.

I would rate this book 5/5

Reviewed by Guest Reviewer, Hannah Jones.

Thanks, Hannah!

Happy Reading!



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