Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fearless by Max Lucado

It would seem that, these days especially, it's hard to find anyone who lives a life without some kind of fear. In today's economic and political climate, some would say that the media specializes in creating fear.

So a book about how to live fearlessly seems very timely to me. Especially one written by the people's pastor, Max Lucado. In his everyday, conversational style, his books are easy to read and to understand, making them easy to apply in a practical way.

In his new release, Pastor Lucado discusses a variety of common fears: fear of death, of loss of income, of the unknown, and many others. In each chapter, he tackles on particular fear and illustrates through scripture and anecdotes why we can conquer that fear.

Each chapter spoke to me on a personal level. It seems I have many fears; but it also seems I'm not alone. I think Pastor Lucado's new book is going to strike a resounding chord in many hearts, and this one is destined to be a best-seller.

Of course, there is one fear that is healthy. That is a fearful, or reverent approach, to God. That chapter rounds up the discussion of fear, and definitely puts it back into proper perspective.

I appreciated the message of Pastor Lucado's book, and it is easy to see why so many call him the people's pastor. I'm giving "Fearless" five out of five bookmarks, with a Bible as a charm. Don't just read the Scriptures Pastor Lucado quotes...look them up and mark them in your Bible.

In fact, I'm adding a bonus highlighters as a charm.

Happy Reading!



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KR said...

This does sound like a winner! Thanks for sharing!