Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bacon Sandwiches and Salvation by Adrian Plass

Once again, I've been neglectful in my duties as a reviewer. Sometimes books get pushed to the back of the shelf, and it takes a nudge to get me to pull one down and read it. This happened to Adrian Plass' book, "Bacon Sandwiches and Salvation".

I wouldn't call this a book so much as a dictionary or encyclopedia of words and phrases, defined to help us not take ourselves quite so seriously, to take God Almighty far more seriously.

For instance, did you know that Eutychus was a young man sitting on a window ledge who dropped off, literally, during one of Paul's long sermons, and was brought back to life...with absolutely no say so in the matter?

Or how about this one: Rock of Ages is either 1) a well known hymn which celebrates the security we find in Christ, or 2) music produced by the Rolling Stones.

The book is full of these tongue-in-cheek glances at things we strain at, while swallowing the camels of the world. Some of them left me puzzled, as I think they have more to do with our British brothers and sisters than us in the States.

And some had me raising eyebrows...wondering how others may feel about it, but still finding it hilariously funny myself.

In all, this book is a fun, casual read, and could be used by teachers and pastors to add a little levity to their messages. I'm giving it three out of five bookmarks, with a BLT as a charm...hmmm...doesn't that sound yummy right about now?

Happy Reading!



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