Saturday, August 8, 2009

True by Melody Carlson

Go to any Christian bookstore, and you'll find over a dozen devotionals on the shelves. Check out the teen section, and you'll find even more. That begs the question: which to buy and which to read?

One I'd highly recommend is "True" by well-known author, Melody Carlson. Not just because she's written it...although that is one reason.

I'd say it's worth picking up because of the honesty and the Biblical basis the devotionals are rooted in. Opening and closing with words from Scripture, each devotional speaks the teen's language without watering down the truth in the verses.

Melody shares a bit of her testimony in the opening pages of the book, and this devotional is fitting considering how she came to Christ and how she grew in her faith.

Not only does Melody point out the truth that Jesus is our Rock, she gives teens building blocks of truth, brick by brick, to give them something to put on their foundation stone of salvation.

She also shares how being a believer in Christ for a length of time can sometimes allow us to grow comfortable with what we believe, until we think we're fine and suddenly wake up and realize we're far from where we started from, and have lost ground.

When those moments occur, the best place to go is back to the Rock, and then re familiarize ourselves with truths that may have gotten buried in the daily muck and mire of living in this world.

With all that, plus a cool design, I think this is most definitely one of the better choices for devotionals for teens. I'm giving "True" four out of five bookmarks, with a rock as a remind us all that our Rock is Jesus.

Happy Reading!



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