Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tea Light Moments to Refresh Your Day by Hope Lyda

Have I ever confessed to you that I'm a devotional book junkie?? I adore books with short readings about God, Jesus, Scripture, and the Christian life, and this little gift is one of my new favorites.

Now, I KNOW I've told you a pet peeve of mine is a Christian non-fiction book with little to no Scripture in it. You won't find a lot of Scripture in Hope's devotional book, "Tea Light Moments to Refresh Your Day".

So it may be shocking to know that this book TOTALLY refreshed me as I read it! Filled with quotes, prayers, self-examination questions called 'shedding light' and an activity to follow through on called 'afterglow', Hope's book is truly a light for the soul.

Some of the quotes come from Scripture, but many come from literature...and are surprisingly bull's eye-ish on how we feel as women at different times of our lives. From how we tend to shun new nudging from the Holy Spirit to reach out, to how we need quiet time away from others and things, this book is a genuine refreshment.

Each devotional is only two pages long, and the book is gift sized, so you could most likely read and pray in the early morning rush of your day...or as you relax to drift off to sleep at night.

But, as I've said with other devotionals I've reviewed...NOTHING takes the place of reading God's word. Devotionals are like an appetizer or a dessert...not the main spiritual meal.

Just think if that was all we ate when we dined, every single time. We'd all be as big as houses and pretty much energy-worthless. So don't neglect the reading of God's Word along with your devotional reading, regardless of which book you choose.

As for this one, I'm giving "Tea Light Moments to Refresh Your Soul" four out of five bookmarks, with a candle lighter as a know, one of those specially angled things that help you get down into the bowl or jar...always wish I had one!

Happy Reading!


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