Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Elisha's Bones by Don Hoesel

Me being...well, ME--I want to love every book. These are creative works of someone's imagination, and so much time and effort goes into each and every one. When you add in the time for cover art and marketing...well, it makes me feel SO BADLY when I don't care for a particular book, you know?

Don Hoesel has written a worthy tale in "Elisha's Bones"...and he had me for the first half of the book. Not spellbound...not captivated...but interested.

However, somewhere about the time of the second or third conspirator's entrance into the story, I got lost and never found my way back out.

Which made me very sad, because this novel began with a bang up opening chapter that had me hopeful. Maybe I've just read too many stories about too many digs and archaeological finds with mysterious surroundings lately.

Jack Hawthorne once was hot on the trail of the latest archaeological dig...now he's a reclusive professor, teaching about what he once did. A tragic and unexplainable event has snuffed out his desire for the find...and he wonders if he himself will ever be found again...

...until a peculiar offer comes his way that he simply cannot resist. With money to burn thanks to a generous sponsor for this dig, Jack reconnects with old friends and memories from his past to find out if the impossible could be probable.

One issue remains...

...why does someone want him dead?

Sounds good, doesn't it? So, even though it wasn't my favorite read, take a chance on Don's debut novel, won't you? I may just be burned out on these kinds of tales...which is why I'm only giving "Elisha's Bones" two out of five bookmarks, with a shovel as a charm.

I didn't feel like digging my way to the ending...but I'd suspect many of you just might!

Happy Reading!



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Kim said...

Ooooh Deena!! Not for you huh? Just another great example that we all have different opinions. Hey...that's why we blog! I loved this one! :)


Rel said...

I'm with Kim on this one, too, D! And the last bit is set in my great land of Australia...of course, I have to love that ;-)

Kim said...

I'd like to share my review with folks who might want a different perspective.... I loved this one!