Monday, August 17, 2009

Author Spotlight: Nicole O'Dell and "Scenarios"!

All this week I'll be featuring author Nicole O'Dell and her new series, "Scenarios". We'll have an exclusive interview, reviews, and a givewaway!

Nicole O'Dell has taken the best of the old "Choose Your Own Adventure" series and re-created it into a fun and engaging series for tweens and teen girls. "Scenarios" have two novels out now, with the promise of more to come!

Book one in the series has friends Lindsay, Kelly, Sam and Macy about to enter a new school year together. They've bonded together into a happy quartet of four friends through their sleepovers...

...and what sleepover would be complete without a game of 'Truth or Dare'? It all begins in good fun, but over time takes a more serious and potentially life-altering path.

Lindsay is working out her relationship with God, and learning about making right choices, even when it isn't easy to do. She just didn't expect to have to put teaching into practice quite so soon.

When a game of Truth or Dare becomes a test of friendship, what will Lindsay choose? Well, readers, that's up to you! Nicole adds a twist by letting you decide which direction Lindsay's story goes.

With one exception, I found this to be very well written. In today's culture, I'm not quite sure girls Lindsay's age wouldn't know it was wrong to do what they may or may not do (remember, it's up to you).

But then again, maybe that's perfectly realistic and we've all been fooled into thinking tweens and young teens are more savvy than we realize. Either way, the book will definitely hold their attention and make them think...

...two things I applaud.

I'm looking forward to more from Nicole, and I'll have a review of her second novel posted tomorrow. For now, I'm giving "Truth or Dare" four out of five bookmarks with a sleeping bag as a charm...mine is green and has a turtle on it:-)

Happy Reading!



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Nicole O'Dell said...

Thanks so much Deena. I'm honored to be in your spotlight, and I'm excited to hunker down and hang out here for a few days. I'll be in and out to visit with commenters.

Thanks again and God bless!
Nicole O'Dell

Project Journal said...

This book sounds...terrific! I'm 17 and this book just sounds so intriguing! Thanks for pointing it out : )