Saturday, July 4, 2009

Starfire by Stuart Vaughn Stockton

If living in this world is getting you down, try escaping to another world through the stellar writing of new author Stuart Vaughn Stockton! You may have already met him...remember S-Man from the Kanner Lake novels (authored by Brandilyn Collins)?

Yup, our S-Man really DID write a novel, and it's one of the BEST in speculative fiction I've read in a long, long time. Stuart has created a world so complex, if you pause in your reading for a second, it takes you even longer to realize where you are.

On a planet far from Earth, Rathe of Yanguch longs to work his way up the ranks of warriors to become one of the greatest of the Karn Empire. Along the way he encounters war, treachery and ends up as the fulfillment of a long ago prophecy that will change him forever.

Or maybe'll just have to read it to see for yourself. What thrills me even more is this is just the first book...there is more to come from this new shining star in the world of Christian Spec Fiction.

In the works for more than twenty years, "Starfire" is in the league of "Lord of the Rings" for it's depth of development and intricacy. It isn't the easiest of truly have to lose yourself in the world Stuart has created...

...but OH, what a world it is! Escape to Stuart's universe and see if you don't find yourself lost in the Karn Empire for awhile...far away from economic woes and threats of war and recession.

I think I'll get back into Karn to see if life is more manageable there! In the meantime, I'm giving "Starfire" five out of five bookmarks. Thank you, Stuart, for the extra helps--the glossary and the character index! Truly, it is THAT intricate!

What a mind Stuart has! "Starfire" is published by Marcher Lord Press...keep your eye on this publisher...some great stuff coming out of this publishing house!

Happy Reading!


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