Friday, July 31, 2009

The Sacred Cipher by Terry Brennan

Move over, Dan Brown. You're about to get bumped from the best seller's list...BIG TIME! Terry Brennan has crafted a tightly woven, imminently plausible and gripping novel that will have you wondering...

...this IS fiction, right?

Tom Bohannan is a prominent news reporter that has made a discovery of infinite proportions...and he doesn't have a clue what it means or what to do with it. "The Sacred Cipher" is uncovered inside a secret room of the Bowery Mission in New York.

The reporter in him knows he has a major find. The believer in him wonders at just what implications will come from this find. And the human in him is scared out of his wits at what he may have just found.

This ancient scroll has passed through the hands of some of history's most well-known figures, traveling from the desert sands of Egypt to reside in the dusty, forgotten organ room of a homeless mission.

It has been well preserved and well protected, and now it holds the power to call down danger on the most unlikely of suspects.

As Tom seemingly haphazardly pieces together a team of the scholarly, the wise, the sarcastic and the beautifully enthusiastic (you'll have to decide for yourselves who is who when you pick up the book!), prepare to travel along to places only dreamed of and prophesied of.

But be warned: danger lurks at every turn. This novel isn't for the faint of heart...mine was lodged in my throat at particular moments.

So...can Tom and his team of hopeful searchers uncover the meaning of the scroll and its cryptic writings before others reach out from the shadows to silence both the scroll and those who now hold it? What will this mean for Tom and his friends and family...for the world, if the message of the scroll is found?

And can you stand the suspense??

Filled with the adrenaline rush of Indiana Jones, the intrigue of a Bourne novel, and the wisdom of Biblical prophecy, "The Sacred Cipher" will keep you up into the wee hours of the night.

And it will leave you breathless.

Terry Brennan has joined the leagues of authors such as Jerry Jenkins (author of "Riven") and Joel Rosenberg (author of "Dead Heat and other novels, as well as non-fiction books on the Middle East). My only concern is how can he top this...and WHEN will he try?

I'm most definitely giving "The Sacred Cipher" the Golden Bookmark Award for Supreme Excellence in Creativity and Story, and without a doubt telling all of my readers...

...if you only read one work of fiction this year, make it "The Sacred Cipher".

Seriously. It's THAT good.

Happy Reading!


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Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

Wow. Great review. This one looks fantastic.

Debbie F said...

Wow! You definitely got me wanting to read this one! there goes another book on my list! Thanks!

Terry Brennan said...

Thank you, Deena ... you are too kind.

Ed Hird+ said...

Great review. It leaves me very curious about this new book. Congratulations, Terry.

Ed Hird+