Friday, July 24, 2009

On Tour with "A Perfect Mess" by Lisa Harper

I'm a bit late getting this review posted due to a hectic week and a battle with a migraine trying to happen. Which is fitting, considering the topic of the book. But Lisa Harper is one of my favorite Bible teachers.

"A Perfect Mess" is a sampling of the Psalms, which Lisa points out that every emotion in the book is represented in this 150 chapter book of poetry. Feel the pressure of needing to be perfect?

Yeah, me too. But Lisa shares her own struggles with perfection, and how reading the Psalms helps her to realize we don't need to worry about being a 'mess' as much as remembering we need a 'Messiah'.

Beginning with Psalm 1 and ending with Psalm 150, she selects random psalms between the two, but each one is fitting and insightful. And a book on all l50 would be huge--but I'd read it!

Each chapter opens with a question for you to think about, to kind of prime your spiritual pump. Reflection questions follow, which make this a great book for personal study or for a group. In fact, I'm thinking of teaching this in our women's Bible study in the Fall.

Her transparency and ability to communicate Biblical truth through wit, humor and story make her one of my all time favorites to read. I invite you to find yourself in Lisa's book, and to realize that Jesus loves us, mess and all.

Let your journey through the Psalms liberate you from the trappings of perfection and overwhelming guilt to be it all, have it all and do it all. Remember that Jesus already filled that for us on Calvary...we just need to walk in His ways and rest in the shadow of His cross.

I'm giving "A Perfect Mess" five out of five bookmarks, with a pair of muddy flip-flops as a charm.

Happy Reading!


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Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

This looks terrific. The drive to be perfect is so hard. I need to look into getting a copy.