Thursday, July 16, 2009

On Tour with Camy Tang, Author of "Deadly Intent" and her Guest Blog!

Guest blog post for July 16th:

Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense novels

I read a LOT (kind of like Deena! LOL) and I love romantic suspense. Deena said I could guest blog about anything, so I thought I’d mention some of my favorite Love Inspired Suspense authors!

Ginny Aiken: I’ve been a fan of Ginny’s books since before I was published. They’re always a great read, with fun characters and satisfying endings.

Robin Caroll: I love Robin’s books because they’re all set in the South, which is a completely “exotic” setting to this girl from Hawaii!

Margaret Daley: Margaret is another author whose books I’ve loved for a long time. I was so happy she started writing Love Inspired Suspense novels in addition to her regular Love Inspired books.

Debby Giusti: I might be biased toward Debby’s novels because she and I both come from a biology research background, but regardless, her books are awesome! The great thing is, they’re not technical at all, so even if you’re not a biologist, you’ll love the stories and characters.

Liz Johnson: Liz is a new author to Steeple Hill (just like me!) and her debut novel is out this month with mine. I got a chance to read an early copy of THE KIDNAPPING OF KENZIE THORN and it’s great!

Shirlee McCoy: A book by Shirlee is always a guaranteed deep, exciting read. She has a new series about the Sinclair Brothers.

Marta Perry: I really enjoy Marta’s books set in Amish country. She opens up an entirely new world for me, since I’ve never lived in the Eastern US.

Roxanne Rustand: Roxanne’s books are always fantastic, with strong heroines and even stronger heroes.

Virginia Smith: Virginia always has such cool concepts for her stories. Her latest is about a candle factory owner—I love candles!

There are so many more Love Inspired Suspense authors who are absolutely wonderful, but I just don’t have the space to list all of them here. You can check out all their books at!

And while you’re there, order my Love Inspired Suspense novel, DEADLY INTENT!

Happy Reading!


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