Friday, July 17, 2009

My Apologies Again....

Dear Readers,

You are about to be inundated with posts from review groups I belong to.

I had no internet for nearly a week. It was intermittent, unreliable, and frustrating.

Turns out, we'd had rodents devouring our internet cable for years, and they finally did their best. Our entire wiring system was replaced yesterday.

BUT, over the weekend, one of our teens downloaded a trojan virus that crashed our main computer, thus interfering with our internet yet again.

PLUS, my notebook computer, which I do most of my blogging from, crashed only six months after purchase, and spent 2 weeks at the manufacturer's being repaired.

AND, we had a wedding out of town over the weekend.

SO, to make a long story even longer, let me encourage you to take advantage of the first chapter postings. Before I became a blogger, those sample chapters helped me make up my mind about which books I would enjoy.

I promise to get reviews of these titles posted as soon as possible. Some may be a while in coming, so tour the net for thoughts from other reviewers and bloggers.

Thanks tremendously for your faithfulness and patience with me. Love to you all, and...

VERY Happy Reading!


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Kim said...

Oh my, Deena!! HUGS to you precious friend!!

Jennifer Bogart said...

Ouch, I know how that feels Deena. It's so frustrating when technology won't cooperate with us isn't it!