Monday, July 20, 2009

Me, Myself and God by Claire Page!

Journals are fun.

Interactive journals are even more fun.

But an interactive journal that points the way to a deeper relationship with, that ROCKS! And that's what Claire Page has created with "Me, Myself and God."

The design is eye-appealing to girls of all ages--both my 19 year old and my twenty-three year old daughters were like, "Ooh, what did you get?" when the package came in the mail.

Filled with interactive quizzes and spots for lists, like your top ten favorite Bible stories, there's lots to do in this journal. The journal is also packed with Scripture on topics like friendship, obedience, discipline and more.

Each page makes a great addition to a daily devotional. The book comes with an elastic strap, making it easy to carry in a bookbag or purse, so you can take a quiz while waiting for an appointment...

...just not while your pastor is preaching or the worship leader is singing, right, girls??

This book is also a great way to begin to share your faith. Some of the quizzes are just fun, and getting your girlfriends involved in the journal can lead to conversations about Jesus and His gift of salvation.

In all, I found this to be a fun book for teen (or twenty-something) girls. Both of mine are debating over who gets my copy. I'm voting for ME!

"Me, Myself and God" gets four out of five bookmarks from me with a green gel pen as a charm. This is a great back-to-school gift for the young women in your life...or for yourself if you are into things that are hip, cool and colorful... I am!

Happy Reading!


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