Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gatekeepers by Robert Liparulo

Word of caution: if you don't like cliffhanging suspense, you may want to wait until Robert Liparulo has written the final book in the Dreamhouse Kings series. I'd be pulling my hair out right now if I didn't have the fourth book sitting on my shelf!

"Gatekeepers" continues the saga of the King family. Trapped inside the house that has multiple rooms that take you to multiple places, the search for their captive loved one goes on.

It's hard to review a book in this series without giving away too much. Trust me when I tell you...these MUST be read in order! But be prepared to get swept away to the time of the gladiators, the old west, the Civil War, and the jungles of the primitive cultures.

Who knows what the next door will bring...especially since Mr. Liparulo is allowing his young audience a say in the adventures to come. With sympathetic characters that have courage, heart and real, genuine fear, these books captivate and explore unlike any other series I've read.

My own son has gotten at least a half dozen of his friends hooked on "The Dreamhouse Kings" series, and they tend to argue over who gets to read the books first! Of course, I'll always win.

Makes me glad I don't live in this house, though! I'm giving "Gatekeepers" five out of five bookmarks, with a toy rifle as a charm. Now, I'm taking a brief breather from this series until I can handle going back into the house.

It lives. It breathes. It's hungry...and it wants YOU to read about it! Be watching for book #4 coming soon...and I'll be watching my mail for book #5, I hope soon.

Happy Reading!


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