Friday, June 12, 2009

When the Rivers Run Dry by Sibella Giorello

I love a good mystery. But I adore a unique voice in the world of mysteries, and that's what Sibella Giorello has. Her writing is gritty, filled with passion and her heroine could be my best friend...if she would have a best friend!

Raleigh Harmon is serving time--I mean, being transferred to the FBI office in Seattle...far from her comfort zone in Richmond. Sent due to disciplinary action, she's now enduring the hazing from senior officers, and still haunted by her father's death.

When a young woman's car turns up on a hiking trail, Raleigh's instincts kick in. But she's told to file the case and get on with something more important.

Until a U.S. Senator places a phone call to the Bureau. A ransom note arrives with a gruesome piece of evidence, and soon Raleigh isn't just fighting for her career...she's fighting for her life.

Raleigh is most definitely a woman of faith, but it's faith that has been shaken and not yet settled. Her genuine search for answers pulls her closer to her God, and pulls the reader into the story.

Sibella's way with words is almost poetic. She can turn a phrase and have you smiling one second and puzzled by her next clue on the following page. This one truly had me guessing until near the very end.

I'm giving "The Rivers Run Dry" five out of five bookmarks, with a flashlight as a charm. And urging you to pick up not only this novel, but check out her debut, "The Stones Cry Out".

Happy Reading!


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gautami tripathy said...

Giorello's prose is very poetic. That is what made me love her book. Also the fact that it has a good plot too.

Linking your review with mine:

the river runs dry

Carole said...

I read The Stones Cry Out because it was on CBD's new & recommended list last year. It was wonderful!! Can't wait to read this one!