Friday, June 19, 2009

The Splatters Learn Some Manners by Marty Mokler Banks

Are manners an issue in your house? Ever wonder what your kids would do at a 'fancy dinner'? Reading this rhyming children's book may just help fix the a fun and light-hearted way!

"The Splatters Learn Some Manners" is a cute story about a family that is...well, unmannerly. Dad spills, son drops, there's teasing and messiness EVERYWHERE! Basically, the Splatters live in a messy house.

Then the Duchess gets word of the situation, and issues an invitation--hey, that rhymes! Just like the book does, only more cleverly. When the invite to the fancy dinner comes, some manner training takes place.

The cute rhythm of the story will be a fun read-aloud experience for children, and the illustrations will appeal as well (although they don't have an appeal for me, I know my kids thought they were cool!).

Some of the vocabulary words may mean a trip to the dictionary as well, which I find as another plus. Homeschool families, this is PERFECT for you!

I'm giving "The Splatters Learn Some Manners" four out of five bookmarks, with a napkin as a charm. This is a story you'll be destined to read over and over...and NOT just to teach manners!

Happy Reading!


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