Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Night Watchman by Mark Mynheir

When it comes to crime thrillers and cop dramas, NO ONE beats Mark Mynheir! I mean...No. One.

"The Night Watchman" is by far his best work yet. This one kept me up until 2 AM...and I write this review with bleary, blood shot eyes. But Ray is a character that grabs hold and won't let go until the very last page...

...and he leaves you SO wanting more!

Retired homicide detective Ray Quinn once was on top of his game and had it all. Until an ambush took the life of his partner, and nearly took his. Forced into early retirement and with no closer on his case, Ray is bitter and jaded.

His new job? Night watchman at the Coral Bay Condos. His new partner? Jim.... in Jim Beam, that is.

Plus over-eager cop wannabe Crevis Creighton (who most definitely grows on you:-). Nothing much ever happens at the condo complex...except a double-homicide involving a local minister and an exotic dancer.

Case closed when investigators call it a murder-suicide. Ray goes back to his Sudoku puzzles and his so-so life...when the minister's sister shows up on his doorstep asking for his help.

One reluctant glimpse into the case folder plunges Ray down the rabbit hole of corruption, greed and lust and the crimes this trio always seems to lead to. Can his detective skills and keen sense of reading people help to determine the truth?

And will the truth set Ray free? Or get him--or someone he cares for--killed?

This is a serious page-turner that is rich in authentic detail and gritty with real life scenarios. Authored by a detective with the Criminal Investigations Unit in Central Florida...this novel shines brighter than a detective's polished badge!

I only hope Mark Mynheir isn't done with Detective Ray Quinn and company...these characters are still alive in my mind's eye, and they will not go home! I'm giving "The Night Watchman" the Golden Bookmark for Authentic Writing and Creative Voice, AND voting it "Best Crime Supense of 2009"!

One more thing this novel brought home to me...we truly need to pray for our men and women who wear the badge...that God deliver them from the horrors they face and the nightmares that follow that home at night...and that their partner is Jesus and not Jim...or something else.

Join with me in lifting up the ones who truly unravel mysteries of the criminal nature, won't you?

Happy Reading!


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Jenny said...

I really enjoyed this book as well, Deena. And you are so right about praying for the peace officers/emergency workers who protect and serve, they not only need the prayers - they deserve them!

Kim said...

Oh, Deena! This was an awesome read wasn't it?? Great review! I think Mark has found his voice! And we WILL see more of these characters! YAY!!