Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

I read a lot of devotionals. One reason is because I review books, but another is that I love daily devotionals. Sarah Young's devotional book is by far the most unique I've discovered, and that's a very good thing!

"Jesus Calling" is a 365 day devotional book that is beautifully packaged. Each day consists of a page of reading (gift book sized, by the way) with Scripture listed at the bottom of each reading.

I like that because instead of relying on the devotional book, it drives you to dig into God's Word for yourself. That makes "Jesus Calling" one of the most perfect quiet time books I've seen.

But what I truly found unique was the voice in which the entire book was written. Sarah penned each devotional as if Jesus was addressing the reader personally. Imagine, each day opening up the book to read a letter from Christ to YOU.

How powerful! I found not only refreshing, but very personal and moving. This book definitely finds itself in my top ten of favorites.

I'm giving "Jesus Calling" the Golden Bookmark for unique writing style, with a golden apple as a charm...because we are the apple of His eye, you know...

Happy Reading!


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