Thursday, June 4, 2009

How Sweet It Is by Alice Wisler

I read a lot of books, and yet my list of 'must read' authors isn't really that long. I've become a huge fan of Southern lit, and author Alice Wisler is rapidly climbing to the top of that list!

"How Sweet It Is" tells the story of Deena Livingston (I know, she spelled like my name--how cool is that?!) and her move from Atlanta to the mountains of North Carolina.

Pain has driven Deena deep into herself; pain from a horrific accident, a terrible breakup, and the loss of who she is as a person. Inheriting a cabin from her grandfather is just one more thing she has to deal with: one more piece of her life that seems to be crumbling.

But staying at the cabin has strings attached. In order to inherit the place, Deena must step outside of her safety shell and engage in activities that go contrary to who she's become.

In the process, she just might find out who she's been all along.

With a slow, meandering rhythm, Alice Wisler has penned another soul toucher. Anyone who's been broken by life will find healing and restoration in these pages. Anyone who bears scars will find beauty in these pages. And anyone searching for meaning in life will find a depth of truth in this story that cannot help but move them.

I'm in love with Alice Wisler's ability to weave a story that catches me up and takes me places I desperately need to go. I'm giving "How Sweet It Is" five out of five bookmarks, with a raccoon mask as a charm. Don't miss this story--it's worth it just to meet Jonas!

Happy Reading!


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