Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Family Guide to the Bible by Christin Ditchfield

This is the best book on Bible study that has come my way in a long time! We were just talking about family study and devotions a few days ago, and then Christin Ditchfield's book showed up. What great timing, Lord!

"A Family Guide to the Bible" is unique because it truly is designed to be used by the entire family. It opens with a discussion of what our Bible is and how it came to be, covering the history of the Bible, the message of the Bible, and the authority of the Bible.

Next, Christin takes us on a book by book Bible survey. Each book is covered in rich detail, including basic background information, the overall message of the book, and some historical details.

Then, Christin launches into what I feel are the most spectacular features of this particular guide. Included are key verses, a behind the scenes on stories found in the book, words to know (vocabulary), some trivia, and a section encouraging discussion about the book.

The section on Judges is four pages long! I love it! A home school family? This book is perfect for you. Do you have young children? Get them started in in depth study now.

Are your kids almost grown? It's never too late...I'm using mine with my family, and we have teenagers! Do you have grandkids? I'm thinking Christmas gifts, get them early!

I cannot recommend this particular book enough. In fact, I'm giving it the Golden Bookmark for Biblical Studies excellence, and voting it "Best Bible Study Help of 2009"!

"A Family Guide to the Bible" is published by Crossway Books...order yours today!

Happy Reading!


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Anonymous said...

Great book review! Me and the wife need to get this one in order to assist with our ongoing studies. Thanks!

Jennifer Bogart said...

This one looks very, very good. Making note of this title!