Monday, June 22, 2009

Essie In Progress by Marjorie Presten

Sometimes, being a mom doesn't feel like quite enough, especially in our 'have it all, be it all' world. But Marjorie Presten captures the struggle and the solution to the sahm vs. working mom dilemma, with fun and humor and heart.

"Essie In Progress" tells the story of Ellison Wells, mother of two, expectant mother of a new one, and career woman who is not quite sure she's found the answer to her life.

Her husband, Jack, seems more easy-going and able to roll with the flow. Essie's mother, Pearl, seems as if nothing Essie does is good enough and continually harps on working mothers and how they are a detriment to the development of their children.

Jack's dad, Hamilton Wells, seems to have checked out on his family long before Essie made her appearance. And then there are Essie's children, each with their own unique personality.

Of course, Ada and her Chihuahuas, all named for the twelve apostles, adds an extra bit of quirkiness that would be sorrily missed! This is a very unique novel with a unique voice that may take a few chapters to get used to.

But it is a satisfying reading experience about not letting what you do define who you are, and not forgetting the important aspects of life...and what a true hero really is.

"Essie In Progress" is Marjorie's debut novel, and I'm eager to see what else her writing career holds in store! This was a fun and quirky read, and I highly recommend it.

I'm giving "Essie In Progress" four out of five bookmarks, with the keys to a Hummer as a charm...which you have to read to appreciate fully! Don't miss this new and fun voice in Christian fiction!

Happy Reading!


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